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Welcome to the Final Years Sandbox! When you write, you write for the Final Years. Pretty much anything goes, just read our site rules and you should be good to go!


You may only have one sandbox, with the title as your username. If you have multiple projects, put them in separate tabs (unless it's in a series, in which you create a separate tab series). Use this page as an example! Another thing you are required to do is go to the bottom of your sandbox, click "Tags", and tag it with "sandbox". Your sandbox will then be listed in the existing sandboxes.

To Join:

Just click this button!


We are now partnering with a site called Phantom Sciences! The purpose of this site is "researching technologies for survival". It will add lore to the World of the Final Years, and we can have a place dedicated to our tech. The only thing is, it's really new, so we'll all have to pitch in to help out.

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